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The website is currently in the process of being updated to include further details on the artist Ruth Ewan’s Yorkshire Sculpture Park exhibition ‘Asking Out’ at the Longside Gallery for the Summer and Autumn 2019. Ruth Ewan’s installation recreates Muriel Pyrah’s 1972 classroom from Airedale School, Castleford, Yorkshire. Ruth made contact with Lottie Hoare through the ‘Sir Alec Clegg Revisited’ website in the autumn of 2018 and they both shared their different experiences of researching as an artist and as an academic researcher and presented a talk together at the Bergen Assembly, in Bergen, Norway, in April 2019. Ruth’s artist book includes her own reflections, interview transcript contributions from former pupils from Muriel Pyrah’s Airedale Class, an introduction from Helen Pheby, Head of curatorial programmes at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a short essay from Lottie Hoare on the historical context in which Pyrah was working along with transcripts from a conversation between Lottie Hoare and David Wilders on the lasting impact of arts education in his life. The book is designed by Sam Blunden with a selection of photos from the National Arts Education Archive. Here is a link to a pdf version of this item

and photos below of the 12 July exhibition opening where former pupils and others from the local community and beyond visited the installation for the first time. Photos by Lottie Hoare.

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